Monday, June 27, 2016

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Before I Got Pregnant - Part 1: Hormones, HSG and IUIs by [Breczko, Anett]

"We will do it on the first try! 
Or on the second… 
To be on the safe side: measuring temperature. 
For the sake of the doctor: taking hormones. 
Seeing others babies: smiling nice. 
Out of fear: IUI. 
Denial: naturopathy. 
Desperation: psycho-therapeutics. 
Unavoidable: the first IVF. 
Distraction: studying. 
For curious relatives: quick answers. 
Still hoping: the second IVF. 
After: Continuing Life. 
Without conviction: prepare yourself for the third IVF. 
Could we have a little miracle, please?"

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