Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My first hormone shot in my butt

The doctor persuaded me to get some injections. I was at this time in an “easy to handle” mode, when you just say: “I don`t mind” to everything. So I didn’t object when he wrote the prescription and gave me an appointment.
I woke up from this condition only the next day, when I went to the internet for tips and some encouragement from the girls on the infertility site. I asked them, how bad this shot is, that you get in your ass. In my mind`s eye, I saw huge blue bumps on my rear-end, that were caused from an infection from the shot.
I got more answers. One of them wrote to me, that the shot would not hurt; I should not be worried about it. Another one said it would hurt a little bit, and the third told me that pain would be something, that I would have to deal with when I would have a baby.
I had no choice: after taking the extra high dose of the drug and taking the ultrasound, I got my first medical shot in my butt. “You have got a slinky ass!” said the nurse, a woman in her 50´s, not a skinny one to me and added to this sentence: “That is not good news here!”

But she successfully gave me the shot, it really didn’t hurt me. We had to make love the next day and the day after, “the more the better”, like the doctor said. Before his time, we had to have no sex for five days, he ordered. 

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