Monday, April 6, 2015

Arrangements Month -3

I went to visit my gynecologist. I brought Ádám with me, after I had convincing him I swale the pill, then, immediately, not waiting until the wedding day.
“Nobody gets pregnant right away” I told to him, even though, of course I was sure, that I would be pregnant right away. Nobody love children more, than I did, who should get pregnant faster than me?!
“We would like to have a baby” I said to the doctor and felt my eyes, after he had asked us to sit down in his office. I felt myself give a very adult, serious statement.
“How long have you been  trying?” the doctor asked.
“Well, uuh I took the last pill yesterday” I admitted and I blushed. He obviously thinks, that I am overdoing it. But I just wanted to do it right. I took, what the tv doctors said about the folic acid seriously, that you have to take it before you are already pregnant and about all the important medical examinations and protective measures. They could very likely prevent a lot of terrible things. Like always, I wanted to be a brave girl and complete my task.
The doctor warned us – what I already knew from the books – that after left the pill, it would be well advised to prevent with an another method, for example with condoms, because to get pregnant in this period could be dangerous. He also explained the main points of the `thermometer method`.
Of course, I could not allow so few words about it and asked a lot of silly questions about the risks and pregnancy vitamins. I asked how it was with cats or rubeola?Ádám played his part too, and asked some questions, all of them could be answered though by me, from my medical books.
I got the papers for blood and water tests and the doctor shook our hands and said `Best wishes`  to us.
And life went on. Anikó, a girl, who had been with me in a German language course 7 years earlier, phoned me. She was 18 and I was 19 then. At this time, I had heard from my friend Zsuzsa, that you could learn a language with the help of the jobless center for free. I never meet Anikó again, except once, when we had run into each other on the tram. Later, when I wanted to make a dressmaker business, and I had sent a few letter to my acquaintances, I  sent one for her. She was a corpulent girl, who would have had some problems to find new suits for herself in the stores.
At the end of this summer, she phoned me, and asked me to make her wedding dress. I said yes and wanted to get nothing just an invitation to her wedding. I wanted to be a nice friend.
In the next two month, I invested a lot of time, that Anikó would be a beautiful bride. I even went to help by buying the gloves in a special store, in the middle of nowhere.
The wedding was at the beginning of September, and Anikó was prettier than ever. I was proud of myself.

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