Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Arrangements Month -2, Month -1

Month -2

After 7 years I stopped to take my pill. It was strange. I did not have to concentrate not to forget to take it, and not to get pregnant accidentally destroy my future with an accidental baby. I got a new challenge: the thermometer.
The point of the thermometer is, to take the temperature of my body every morning, before getting out of bed and to record it religiously. From the changes of the body temperature, subsequently, you can determine the time of ovulation and you can draw the inference to the most opportune term of the next cycle.
I decided to not carry too far, and not to take the temperature in the rectum as the books suggest it. I keep at the armpit. It was also in this way very nasty every morning half asleep to wait 10 minutes, that our old thermometer needed to make his job while I was looking forward to have finally the right to go to pee. I did what the doctor asked for two months long.
After the phlebotomy there were four different things analysed, and we got the results of three of them in the next two weeks. I`d had the rubeola before, my body was preparing antibodies against the illness, what is strewed by cats and the “I-don’t know-average” is normal, just like expected.

Month -1

I took up the thermometer method every morning. I wanted to know my ovulation times. But at this time, we continued using condoms. That was not the best way to brighten up our sex life, but we knew, we had to wait only until the beginning of December – that wasn’t a high price for a healthy baby.
I found a book with the title “The Infertility Diet: Get Pregnant and Prevent Miscarriage”. I bought it, not if I would need it, only as an interested person. That was an American book, full of horror stories about sterile women and of non-usable food recipes with manioc and other fruits of American Indians, that you can’t buy in Hungary in Central Europe. They said in the book, green peas can make you sterile. Bullshit – I thought to myself, everybody eats green peas, and babies born every day!

I realised, that the thermometer method is bullshit too. At least for me, because the temperatures were just dancing on my chart, and I could not see any tops our downs before or after my ovulation on my planner. On the other hand, it was really awkward to wait every morning after waking up, until the thermometer does its job. I could not move, I could not go to the toilet. I spoke to the doctor, and he declared, that this method is quite old and outdated, so I could quit the measurement with his consent.

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