Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Series: Meeting Readers Of "BEFORE I GOT PREGNANT" - Book Seller Nr2, who got twins with IVF

I had this great idea: I should meet some of the book resellers  in Budapest and check, 
if they liked my story. 
I wanted to ask them: What was their story?

Book Seller Nr2, who got twins with IVF

I know from the email address, that contains a number, that looked like a birthday year, that she was 33 years old. I checked her profile, and saw, that she was not only sell my book, she had a lot of baby girl clothes to offer.
So, that time, I should meet a young woman, who maybe read my book, before she got pregnant, I hope so.
We have an appointment at daytime, for 1 pm. She wrote me, she would come with her twins. "Bingo", I said to myself.
I was few minutes early there too and checked all  the young mothers with baby buggies. I don't see any twin buggy.
Finally, a young woman came up, without babies, but with my book in her hand.
She had long dark hair and a nice coat.
"The twins went sleep", she told to me. While searching for money in my purse, I want to ask her the question: "Did you have had an infertility problem, is that why you read this book?"
But she was faster than me, and asked me: "Do you want to do IVF?"
I'm surprised from the question.
"Ehmm, yes, we have something to do with that?," I say. And then: "Did this book help you?"
"Ehmm, yes, sort of. It was good to know, that I was not the only one with this thoughts. There was somebody, who recommended this book to me. And I recommended it to some other people, later. Because you have so few people to talk to about it. Which clinic are you at?"
That's the point, where I have to make to confession: 
"That's my story. That's me here, in the photo."
Now, she was surprised.
We chatted about a half hour about our memories from our time as a woman with infertility problems. She had already had a son, when she wanted to get pregnant again, and she couldn't. But the first IVF gave them twins, They are 2 years old now.
"It was so hard! So many people, that have this problem, don't talk about it."
"Is this amount good?" I asked her as I offered.

"Yes, it is." She said. I asked her, if I could write about her story on my blog and gave her my blog address. She seemed to be interested. Her twins are 2 years old, but she didn't forget her years before. She says, she cried for happiness on the first birthday of her twins. She still had this feeling of having been part of a miracle.

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