Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Series: Meeting Readers Of "BEFORE I GOT PREGNANT" - Book Seller Nr1, who didn't read my story

I had this great idea: I should meet some of the book resellers  in Budapest and check, 
if they liked my story. 
I wanted to ask them: What was their story?

Book Seller Nr1, who didn't read my story

I arrived  too early at the meeting point. I took a little walk, looking at every young woman: "Maybe she is my book seller?" It was rainy and I had to take my umbrella, so they couldn't see my pink cap. I wrote in the email, that I would wear a pink cap.
I went back to the meeting point. I stood in the door of a big house, so I would  not get wet. A man came near, I wondered, if the woman would send her husband instead of herself. I wouldn't be happy about that case: I needed her to hear her story.
Did my book help her? Did she like my book?
The man walked  towards me . I was waiting. Some minutes later, a woman opened the house's door from the inside.
It's a 50 something woman.
"Are you waiting for a book?" She asks me.
"Yes, I am." I say. I'm surprised. I was waiting for a younger woman.
She is in her 50's, although in good shape with a pretty, unlined skin.
"It's really so cheap?" I asked her.
"Yes, like you read in the advertisement."
I give her the money. She tells me, that she was afraid, to come to late, because of the traffic on this rainy day Friday afternoon. She takes my book from a plastic bag. I don't take it, just look at it.
"I'm sure, there will be no pages missing." I explain.
"If it's so cheap, its worth it!" I say. "Have you read the book?" That was the question, that I was supposed to ask her.
"No." She tells me. "I started, but I couldn't do it. It's too hard, you know, this story for somebody, who doesn't have this problem in her life."
"Yeah, it's true." I said smiling. She watched to me, as she would be surprised by my laugh.
I give her the money, take my book and say "Good bye". She disappeared through the door.

So, the first meeting was not really as I expected. I couldn't ask the woman about her infertility experience. I could'nt tell you her success story. She thought from the Hungarian title that it would be a happy pregnancy story.When she realized it wasn’t she didn’t read it.
I could maybe feel angry or disappointment, because this woman only began to read my book, but she didn't really read it.

But you know, I don't judge her. Who knows? Would I like to read a story about infertility, full of pain and desperation, if I didn't have this problem? Would  I be interested if I didn't have a friend, or a sister, who had this situation? If I didn't have to know this experience, maybe I wouldn't want to know about it.

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