Monday, March 30, 2015

Arrangements Month -4

One month after my 27th birthday, at the end of March, was the day our wedding date settled. It was clear sailing for the baby!
Or it would have been… I started to make my `to do` list. I wanted to have a perfect situation for my child, just like I learned from the television doctors.
I went to the hospital and let checked my heart. As a child, I was seen by a doctor every year, because they diagnosed something with my heart, but I did not show up at the hospital until I was 18. I went to the cardiologist – and they could not find anything. I had outgrown it! So, they said I wouldn’t have a heart attack during the birth.
I went to my dentist as well and let him to make a bridge. Although he wanted to do it earlier, I always postponed it. But now, the time was ready for it: I knew, that the teeth of a pregnant woman can go wonky. And I didn’t want to risk to have analgesic injections when my baby is in my belly.
I really thought to myself: I am an adult person, but in fact, I was only a child. I was so floating above the earth because of my looking forward, because of everything, what the next year would bring me, that I could not hold in what we are going to do. I told my dentist, a young man, why I came to him. In the next years, when I was expecting the stork without avail, I did not dare, to visit my dentist. Earlier, I was the perfect patient, who plays brave to the doctors. But now, I did not want him to see me as a naïve child.

But I couldn`t see the future in that August. When we went to the Sziget Festival, I felt really nostalgic and told to myself:” That’s the last time that I am here as a young woman without kids.” Rock concerts, alcohol, dust, booze – this all will be next year a part of my past, and I wouldn’t miss it!

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