Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"I hate my pregnant friends"

I hated them too. It was very hard. 
There was this time, when every women who I knew, got pregnant. Recent brides, of course. Even nursing mothers. Singles. Celebrities. Single celebrities. Celebrities over 40. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger on TV… Your neighbour’s dog and cat… Mothers with 3, 4 or more kids… Everybody can do it, everybody get it, only you don’t.
You think, everybody’s happy, only you can’t be happy.
But you are wrong. Not everybody is happy, who has a child. Maybe they have a lot of problems, but they don’t speak about it to you. Maybe they have bigger difficulties, than you. There can be so many difficulties in someone’s life. IIlnesses, family issues, no money, no job (or a bad job), being lonely or being with the wrong partner…Some women would be ashamed to tell you, if they are unhappy with their child, that is crying all day and all night.
In our culture, you have to be happy as a mother. And it is normal to feel unhappy, if you can’t conceive. But you should also be happy until you have a child. You have find little joys in your life. Maybe it’s not so negative. It could be also a possibility for you. You should know, that if you have children, they stay only for about 20 years in your house. Then, they will go away, building their own lives. And you will be there again without kids, and you have to be able to find your own place in this world.

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