Monday, January 26, 2015

Diagnosis: Unexplained Infertility

In the twenty first century, we have a good planned life.
We have our PLANS for everything.
We want to have a satisfying job, so we study or learn an interesting profession.
And then, we get a good job.
We know, that we have to work on our relationship with our partner, so we work on it, and it works.
We do our best for our health: we eat fruits and vegetables, maybe add a few vitamin tablets, and we try to go regularly to the gym. We go to the doctor, and they do tests to prevent illnesses. And it works.
We plan a wedding and a baby. We have the wedding.
But some of us don’t get the baby. Some of us have to WAIT. Some of us don’t really get a diagnosis from the doctors. They can’t explain, why we can’t conceive.
There’s a point, when you have a lot of QUESTIONS, and nobody can give you the answers. You were always thought to be brainy and self-disciplined. You thought, everything would be fine, if you kept the rules.
Now, you feel cheated. You followed the rules, and you don’t  get what you are supposed to get.

But maybe you could LEARN something new about life. There is MORE, than rules and chores and to-do-lists. I know, it’s hard to understand it with our brain. But you can't explain everything…

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