Saturday, January 10, 2015

Before we started trying to get pregnant

This picture was made from me one year before we started trying to get pregnant.

That was a young girl looking happily at her fiancĂ©'s camera.  

She loved, and she felt loved. She dreamed about a family with kids. 
Did she have a doubt of the success of conceiving? 
No, she didn't know, how the next couple of years would play out. She had no clue about infertility treatment. 
She didn't ask about how to get pregnant. 
She thought, if you wanted a baby, you would get it. 
She didn't know the feeling of being still not pregnant, month after month, again and again...
She would have to wait a very long time, desperate and frightened, feeling alone and helpless.

Some years later, she will be a mother. Loving and loved. Wanting never  to forget, what the dark years taught her.

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